Ron Boehme - 1974

In 1972, at the age of nineteen, I traveled to New Zealand with four college friends to get to know God better and discover his plan for my life. One of our mentors, Blythe Harper, an elder at Valley Road Baptist Church in Auckland, encouraged me to start keeping a spiritual journal. 

I began writing on October 30, 1972 and never stopped.

Forty-seven years later, in 2019, God nudged me to transcribe the early written years of the journal (before the age of computers), and then format the remaining decades into a uniform year-by-year narrative. It took eighteen months to complete the project.

My spiritual journal (1972-2022) ended up containing 2400 pages of the God-stories of my life--about forty-five pages per year. The first years I recorded what I was learning from the Bible. Gradually I began to write down all my life happenings including God-given guidance, key commitments made, and important people and events. 

The journal is arranged around specific dates and the city, state, and country where I was at the time. Over my lifespan I have had the privilege of traveling 1.5 million miles for Jesus and minister in sixty nations, forty-seven out of the fifty states, and over two hundred towns and cities in America.

Most of the stories would have been lost if I had not written them down.

I offer it on-line to you as an inspiration to your own life. God has roads for you to travel, people to share His love with, and many divine assignments for you to fulfill.

Writing is 20/20 memory. Start your own journal today—and enjoy every year of my journey that you choose to read.

Write the vision; make it plain…so he may run who reads it” (Habakkuk 2:2).

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